The Ultimate Guide To Your Wedding Photo & Film

We made this guide to show example photos of each section of a Cyprus wedding day,

and also to give you an idea of how we work and in what order things, typically, happen.

We hope this will help you with what to expect from your finished wedding gallery as well as helping us achieve the best possible photos and video from your day.

Bride Prep: The Details

Before its time to get in your dress we first capture all the important details: the shoes, jewellery, gifts, the bouquet and of course the dress its self. This is typically where the photo/video timeline will start for most weddings.

It helps us out a lot if you can have all these items together in one area for us so we don't have to interrupt you to find these.

If you and any of your bridal party have matching PJ's or robes we'll also capture this around this time - this shot can look great with a glass of prosecco each if there is any! See examples:

Bride Prep: Hair & Make-Up

Usually if the timeline is right then at this point the brides hair and make up is either finished or almost finished. We don't capture the early stages of hair/make-up as these tend not be flattering moments that you want in your gallery or video.

If hair and make-up is still being done then we will capture these finishing touches or alternatively we capture some 'mock' shots after make-up is finished. See examples:

Groom Prep: The Details

At this point we will usually head to the Groom (If the groom is getting ready at a separate hotel, then things will may be structured differently)

Again we start with the grooms details, such as: The wedding rings, shoes, aftershave, cuff links and any other notable details like gifts or personalized items. All of these items are not essential but this what we will capture first if you have them.

See examples:

Groom Prep: Getting Suited & Booted

Following the details its time for the Groom to get dressed! We ask for you to be wearing your trousers and shirt when we arrive and from there we capture your finishing details i.e bow tie, waistcoat, cuff links, etc... again all of these items aren't essential we capture what you choose to wear.

We try to be as candid and natural as possible so we simply ask you to get dressed in front of the window (For nice lighting) and sometimes its nice if someone can help you such as your best man, as this leads to nice moments. See Examples:

Groom Prep: Looking Dapper

Now that the Groom is finished getting dressed and looking smart we will capture portraits of him in front of the window, again we try to keep this candid and natural so we simply ask you to look at the window and maybe think about the exciting day ahead - this is normally when the nerves set in!

If there is a gift or card from the bride we will usually ask them to open it also at this point, which is always a great moment in the video and photos. See examples:

Groom Prep:

The final part of Groom prep involves whoever else is in the room with the groom. We will capture the men doing their finishing touches, again helping each other - especially with button holes.

If there are children of the bride/groom then we will capture the groom dressing their final touches.

Then finally group photos of all the people that are present dressed and ready to go. See examples:

*Please note that the buttonholes are not always available at this time if they are being provided by the wedding coordinator,

and so they may not be captured.

Groom Prep : Complete.

Groom prep usually only takes around 30-45 minutes and once we've got everything we need we then leave the groom to relax or hit the bar (Whichever he prefers!) and the next time we see him is usually his arrival to ceremony. Because theres so much to capture on the morning we may ask the groom to get ready quite early, usually 2-3 hours prior to ceremony, this is so we have time to capture all the important moments with the bride also.

Bride Prep: The Dress & Finishing Touches

While we've been away with the groom its a good time for all the bridesmaids, etc to get changed into their dresses so that once we arrive back to the bride everyone else is ready and now we can capture the bride getting into her dress.

We will step out of the room and ask you to let us know when you're decent/ready for us to come back in, so we can capture whoever you choose to do up the back of the dress.

We'll also capture your finishing touches, such as putting in ear rings, other jewellery, putting on the garter, shoes, etc.

See examples:

Bride Prep: Gifts

If there are gifts that have not yet been opened now is usually a good time to exchange them; as gifts may often include jewellery or accessories that you will wear on your wedding day.

We recommend most gifts be opened before we've arrived apart from special gifts from your husband to be or maybe a parent - a card written from your husband-to-be is usually a great moment for us to capture.

Sometimes gifts might be opened before you get changed, this just depends on your preference and your timeline.

Please let us know in advance if there will be gifts to schedule into the morning timeline.

See examples:

Bride Prep: Dressed To Kill

Now that you're looking stunning in your wedding dress and ready to get married we will capture some portraits of you in front of the window - if there are any nice but private outside areas available we may also use these.

See Examples:

The First Look

Its traditional to do a 'first look' with whoever is giving you away at your wedding, this is usually the father of the bride but of course it can be anyone of your choosing! This is a beautiful and often emotional moment. We usually take this from your perspective so we capture the reaction of your loved one.

This an optional shot, for those that would like it. See Examples:

Bride Prep: Group Photos

The last stage of prep is group photos with whoever is in the room with you, so this is usually bridesmaids, any children/flower girls and your parents - sometimes if we're pushed for time this may have to be skipped until the formal group photographs after the wedding ceremony, but we do always schedule time to capture this. See examples:

Prep: Complete

Prep is usually the most fast paced part of the day as there is so much to cover in a limited amount of time before the ceremony, which is why we always set a timeline and try our best to keep you on track so that no important moments have to be rushed or missed.

You'll be surprised how quickly the time passes!

Once we have finished prep we will leave you at your room to relax until its time for you to get married! At this point we run ahead to the ceremony area ideally before anyone has arrived.

The Ceremony: Decor

One of the main reasons we have to keep a close watch on the clock is that your ceremony not only has to go off on time due to Registrars often having tight schedules - but also because we have to arrive at the ceremony venue before any guests get there so we can capture the details and decor for your gallery and/or wedding film - if we are also doing video then more time is needed. We capture the scenery and any decor you have booked, aswell as little details like order of the day, fans, confetti etc, or special seats or photos of loved ones passed.

Extra time here also means we can send up the drone and get some impressive aerial shots for your film. See examples:

Ceremony: Groom & Guest Arrival

Next it will be time for the groom and your guests to arrive, here we capture that nervous excitement on the grooms face as he takes his place and waits for your arrival.

The Ceremony: Bride Arrival

Its time for your big moment! If you have bridesmaids, flowergirls, etc they will usually come down the isle first, either one at a time or in pairs, leaving the best till last. We recommend taking your time, don't walk too fast and also leave a big gap between each person walking so we have time and a clear shot to get nice photos of each of you as you walk, plus its your day so milk it!

First Look: Groom

When the music starts we make sure your Groom is looking the other way and not peeking, then when you are making your entrance we will ask him to turn so we can catch his reaction seeing you looking beautiful in your wedding dress!

The Ceremony: Together at last & Vows

Finally, after a day of nerves and preparation you are reunited with your love! There is usually a feeling of not knowing what to do at this moment, we suggest holding hands with your partner and listening to the registrar, also, relax!

When it comes time to do the vows, place your flowers on the table, face your partner and read your vows while looking at each other. See Examples:

Ceremony: The Rings

For the ring exchange the rings will usually either be on the table or still with the ring bearer. If someone has the rings they will be asked to come forward at this point and give each of you the ring ready to place on your partners finger.

Its imporant to take your time with placing the ring so we have time to get a nice shot, but also to hold the ring without hiding it, use your thumb & index finger, holding the ring from the sides. See examples...

The First Kiss

Depending on your registrar the first kiss can sometimes happen after the rings, or it may be at the very end of the ceremony - after signing the register - or sometimes it may happen twice! But don't worry you will be told when. We usually ask you for another kiss once the registrar has finished so that you also have a nice shot without them in it.

For the best first kiss photos its good to have a gentle kiss but with a pause, not too quick or it could be missed. See examples:

Guest Reactions / Unplugged Ceremony

Throughout the ceremony we will also try to catch any emotion from your guests, whether it be smiles, tears or cheers!

Something we recommend you consider is an 'unplugged ceremony'

This means that guests don't use phones or cameras during the ceremony and instead enjoy the moment.

These days everyone has a decent camera in their pocket and so its become more and more common to always want to 'capture the moment' instead of living in the moment - but when you've hired professionals specifically to capture your special day, it means your guests and loved one don't have to! They get to be fully present in the moment and enjoy every second.

The additional benefit of this means that when we capture photos and video of your guests we get to see their faces and their emotions, instead of a phone or iPad hiding them!

Most couples hire a wedding sign to be placed at the ceremony area that explains your unplugged ceremony rules:

Signing The Register

When its time to sign the register we will ask you go around the other side of the table. You will then take turns signing, there is usually a few copies to sign - once you sign the last one we will ask you to look at the camera for a photo with your new husband/wife! Then you will swap places and again we will do the same once your partner has signed the last copy.

You will then call up your two witnesses to again sign all copies and we will get a photo of each of them as well. See examples:

After you have all signed the register, your witnesses will take their seats and the registrar will then sign the documents as well to finalize. You will then receive a small gift from the municipality, as the registrar gives you their best wishes. That brings you to the end of your ceremony and congratulations you are officially married! Once the registrar has left we will usually ask you for one more kiss and a big cheer from your guests to end it with a bang, then we will start organizing a confetti toss.

Confetti Toss

Once the ceremony has ended we will ask you to relax and wait there for a moment while we organise your guests into two lines, we will make sure the confetti is handed out and explain to your guests how it works.

When the music starts you will hold hands and take a nice walk (not too fast!) through your guests as they cheer and shower you in confetti, try not to look at your feet as you walk, so we can see your lovely happy faces.

At some point during the confetti toss we will shout and ask you to stop for a kiss (This is usually about half way)

If you don't have confetti, then we will still do an exit and just ask your guests to clap and cheer. See Examples...

Best Wishes: Hugs & Kisses

Once you reach the end of the confetti line we will ask you to turn and face your guests because we know they are dying to hug and kiss you and give their congratulations. We will announce to your guests now is their chance and we will catch the candid moments between you and your family and friends.

Its great for us if you and your partner stay in the one spot for this and allow your guests to come to you, so that we can get the best shots. See examples:

The Formal Group Photographs

Following your ceremony is usually the cocktail reception but depening on your timeline we may either go straight into group photos or let people enjoy a drink first, it all depends on what time you have available before the next section of the day and also your number of guests/desired number of group photos.

Part of our pre-wedding questionnaire covers the list of group photos you desire, so we can organise it on the day - but try to keep in mind the amount photos with the time you have available so you are not disappointed. Also note there is not always shade available for bigger group photos so in peak summer we have to be wary of the direct sun and heat on yourselves and guests.

We recommend around 12-15 group photos.

See examples of group photos below:

Cocktail Reception: Relax, the hard part is over!

Your cocktail reception is the perfect time to relax, enjoy a drink and mix with your guests. At this point we will capture any candid moments aswell as taking the opportunity to rehydrate ourselves too.

This is also a great opportunity for candid photos of the kids as they play or enjoy an ice cream.

If you have any extras such as an ice cream cart or garden games we will capture people enjoying these at this point too. See examples:

Cake Cutting

Every venue has a preferred time for cutting the cake so this can vary depending on where your wedding is taking place, but alot of the time the cake cutting is during the cocktail reception. See examples:

Couples Portraits

Its imporant to leave some time in this section of the day so that you can take advantage of your beautiful ceremony venue and get some stunning images of you and your partner at this location.

These are photos that will be imporant to you but they can easily be missed if the group photo section over runs or there is not a big enough gap before the next section of the day.

If you plan to have a sunset shoot later then this is another opportunity for couples portraits, but if not both, we would highly recommend allowing time for one of these portrait sections. These are the special photos you will hang up in your home!

See examples:

Wedding Bus (Optional)

For weddings that may have some time to fill before the reception a wedding bus is a popular choice. Its great as a way to entertain guests as well as being practical if your reception is in a different location from your ceremony. Not all weddings have the bus, but here are some examples:

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is another section where we will try and get to the area before the guests and yourselves arrive so we can capture the decor and details, but bare in mind depending on your timeline it may not always be possible, in which case we would capture what decor we can around the reception taking place. See examples:

Wedding Reception: Mr & Mrs Arrival

Once the guests have arrived its time for your grand entrance! You will be announced as the new Mr & Mrs and enter to claps and cheers. See Examples:

Sunset Photo Shoot

(The placement of this will vary on the time of year you are getting married - we can advise)

A sunset photo shoot is a signature moment for Cyprus weddings, its an opportunity for some alone time with your partner aswell as a chance for us to capture some stunning moments for your photo gallery and wedding film. Its important to note that if a sunset shoot is something you want you must put it into your timeline (At the correct time) as sadly the sun will not wait for us, so we have to schedule travel time and shooting time at a suitable location in order to capture it. We can advise what time the sun will set on your day.

Sunset shoots are not always possible for some weddings if your timeline simply can't afford a gap for it, but if its important to you please speak with your wedding planner or co-ordinator so we can make it work. See examples:

Wedding Reception: The Speeches

The wedding speeches are usually either before dinner or after - depending on your preference.

Our recommendation, would be to do the speeches before dinner - the reason for this is that the tables and decor will still look their best (No dirty plates!) and also it means those that are feeling nervous about their speech can get it out of the way and then enjoy their meals.

The speeches usually lead to big laughs and heartwarming tears, we ask all speakers to stand at the head table for the best angle. See examples:

Dinner / Break

At this point you and your guests will enjoy your evening meal and we will take this opportunity to also take a break and get some food ourselves - we greatly appreciate if you can source food for us at your wedding as not every venue have options for us to find or buy our own food, if this is not possible we will take a longer break in order to drive somewhere and get our own food before getting back to your wedding - so please be aware this may leave a longer gap before we are able to get back to work.

You can discuss food options for us with your wedding co-ordinator.

First Dance

After the meals are finished and people are getting ready to party the first dance is a perfect chance to introduce the next section of the evening.

Gerbs (Ground fireworks) are a great optional extra for your first dance, it leads to some stunning photos and it can also help take the focus off your dancing if you're the self-concious type!

After the first dance there can sometimes be other special dances such as a father\daughter dance, please let us know if you have any of these planned. See Examples...

Party Time!

The time has come to finally let your hair down, all the traditions and nerves are out of the way and you can just party the night away!

You bring the dance moves and we'll do the rest, we will simply capture the candid moments as they happen. We usually stay for a little while longer after your first dance, until we feel we've captured enough party for your gallery/wedding film. Then we'll say goodnight and leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening. If you have any extras such as fireworks, Cypriot dancers or performers do let us know so we can organise capturing these before we finish if they are within the package timings.

We also offer additional hours for weddings that need further coverage.

What Happens Next...

We know that you will be dying to share your big news with the world once you've finally tied the knot, which is why when we get home from capturing your big day we offer a same day sneak peek of one special photo from your wedding so you and your family can have a glimpse of whats to come in your finished gallery.

Our estimated turn around for the rest of the gallery and wedding film is 6 to 8 weeks, we know you are excited to get your gallery and we work as quickly as we can to get it to you, but please remember we shoot a lot of weddings - especially during peak season - so if we are not out shooting another wedding we will be editing, and we will always give each gallery the dedicated professional editing time it deserves to give you the best service possible.

Thank you!

Thankn you for taking the time to read this guide, we hope you have found it helpful.

This guide is based on our typical experience of Cyprus weddings but every wedding is unique and will have its subtle differences - if you have and questions we will always be happy to help!

Dan & Charlotte x