The Ultimate Guide To Your Wedding Photo & Film

We made this guide to hopefully, not only show example photos of each section of a wedding day,

but also to give you an idea of how we work and in what order things - typically - happen.

This will help you with what to expect from your wedding gallery as well as helping us achieve the best possible photos and video from your day.

Groom Prep: The Details

Groom prep is usually the starting point of your photo/video package.

And for this we start with the grooms details, such as: The wedding rings, shoes, cuff links and any other notable details like gifts or personalized items. All these items are not essential but this what we will capture first if you have them. See examples:

Groom Prep: Getting Suited & Booted

Following the details its time for the Groom to get dressed! We ask for you to be wearing your trousers and shirt when we arrive and from there we capture your finishing details i.e bow tie, waistcoat, cuff links, etc... again all of these items aren't essential we capture what you choose to wear.

We try to be as candid and natural as possible so we simply ask you to get dressed in front of the window (For nice lighting) and sometimes its nice if someone can help you such as your best man, as this leads to nice moments. See Examples:

Groom Prep: Looking Dapper

Now that the Groom is finished getting dressed and looking smart we capture portraits of him in front of the window, again we try to keep this candid and natural so we simply ask you to look at the window and maybe think about the exciting day ahead.

If there is a gift or card from the bride we will usually ask them to open it also at this point.

See examples:

Groom Prep:

The final part of Groom prep involves whoever else is in the room with the groom. We will capture the men doing their finishing touches, again helping each other - especially with button holes.

Also if there are children then we will capture the groom dressing their finishing touches.

Then finally group photos of all the people that are present dressed and ready to go. See examples:

*Please note that the buttonholes are not always available at this time if they are being provided by the wedding coordinator,

and so may they not be captured.

Groom Prep : Complete.

Groom prep usually only takes around 30 minutes and once we've got everything we need we then leave the groom to relax or hit the bar (Whichever he prefers!) and the next time we see him is usually his arrival to ceremony.

Bride Prep: Hair & Make-Up

Usually if the timeline is right then at this point the brides hair and make up is either finished or almost finished. We don't capture the early stages of hair/make up as these tend not be flattering moments that you want in your gallery or video.

If hair and make-up is still being done then we will capture these finishing touches before moving onto bride details, see examples:

Bride Prep: The Details

Before its time to get in your dress we first capture all the important details: the shoes, jewellery, gifts, the bouquet and of course the dress its self.

It helps us out a lot if you can have all these items together in one area for us so we don't have to interrupt whatever you're doing to find these.

If you and any of your bridal party have matching PJ's or robes we'll also capture this around this time - this shot can look great with a glass of prosecco each if there is any! See examples:

Bride Prep: The Dress & Finishing Touches

Once we have finished with your details and captured the Pajamas/Robe shot, we will ask the bridesmaids to first get themselves dressed and then to help you get into your dress - we will step out of the room and ask you let us know when you're decent and ready for us to come back in so we can capture whoever you choose to do up the back of the dress.

We'll also capture your finishing touches, such as putting in ear rings, or other jewellery, putting on the garter, shoes, etc. See examples:

Bride Prep: Gifts

If there are gifts that have not yet been opened now is usually a good time to exchange them; as gifts may often include jewellery or accessories that you will wear on your wedding day.

Sometimes most gifts may be opened before we've arrived or you may open them before you're in your dress, this is ofcourse down to your preference - but if there is a gift or card from your husband-to-be we recommend this as good timing photo & video wise. See examples:

Bride Prep: Dressed To Kill

Now that you're looking stunning in your wedding dress and ready to get married we will capture some portraits of you in front of the window - if there is any nice but private outside areas available we will also use these.

See Examples:

The First Look

Its traditional to do a 'first look' with whoever is giving you away at your wedding, this is usually the father of the bride but ofcourse it can be any one of your choosing! This is usually a beautiful and often emotional moment. We usually take this from your perspective so we capture the reaction of your loved one. This an optional shot, for those that would like it. See Examples:

Bride Prep: Group Photos

The last stage of prep is group photos with whoever is in the room with you, so this is usually bridesmaids, any children/flower girls and your parents - sometimes if we're pushed for time this may have to be skipped until the formal group photographs after the wedding ceremony, but we always schedule time to capture this. See examples: